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Sam and Lou are COPS who work in the Short Film Unit.  They drive around undercover, looking for aspiring filmmakers and making sure they follow the rules.  We made this video to promote… Continue reading

Fake Film Shoot Flyer Thing

We made this video to promote my short film show “short indies”.  I’m just a big fan of promotion through annoyance. Your Ad Here

My LCD Soundsystem Video

This video was birthed one night at 3am when I was going insane editing a boring commercial for a Client. I needed to do something fun and creative or my head was gonna… Continue reading

Superlitebike Video Flyers

Back in 2007 I thought, wouldn’t it be cool if instead of paper flyers to promote a concert, we made video flyers, and these shortly followed.

Subtext: The Movie

If you aren’t familiar with the TV Show “Subtext” the premise is simple, people at home text messages (for about $2 a message) to a live TV show, where a host reads the… Continue reading

Pot Smoking at Reggae Fest Investigation

Once a year, people of all backgrounds come together to enjoy the Reggae genre of music in a big clearing.  But, word on the street is that illegal narcotic marijuana is consumed in… Continue reading